GayeThis is my one hundredth blog!
I can’t believe it! My friend, ‘B’, had the idea of me creating this blog. “You have lots of writing which is just clogging up your computer. Get it out there and let people share it. And then you’ll find new things to write about. It’ll be great!”
I began very hesitantly. People seemed to enjoy my “computer-clogging” writing. And then when the computer was un-clogged, I wrote with more confidence, as the ideas occurred to me. I find that I view the world differently now that I blog. I really look at and observe what goes on around me. There are stories everywhere!
These are some of my blogs that have meant the most to me, since I began ‘ear ‘ear in March 2013…..

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Big slippery fish


Slippery Fish
We are all creators! We create all the time.
I give a laugh at Dejan Stojanovic. He sums up my thoughts completely when he says: “Creating means living.”



Me and the angel-fairy-shepherd!
Me and the angel-fairy-shepherd!




Twas the Night before Christmas
What were your childhood Christmases like?
I’m so lucky. For me, Christmas was the most magical, enchanting time.








“He who SMILES while crushing YOU’ 
Zuma’s middle name is “Gedleyihlekisa” which means: “He who smiles while crushing you.” Indeed, he certainly seems to be smiling while crushing the life out of South Africa.

And I am whispering….Madonsela for President!




big m



To Grow or Not to Grow……?
I love this blog because of Matt’s letter in it. It is the most beautiful love letter I have ever received!





Wlliam Golding



Girls need not wear pink! 
“If someone’s not a feminist, I ask why, what is your problem?” asks Dale Spence.
What is your problem indeed, I echo?






hat edit



Defining Moments!
This blog will always be special to me. In it, it is Erin’s words to me that caused me to re-define myself. I have stopped asking the unanswerable: Why did God allow my accident to happen? Instead I ask with a smile: Why did God allow me to live?



Sean Dundas1


I was so delighted with the NSPCA’s behaviour concerning the Knysna Elephant Park that this blog came into being. When wanting a photograph of Lawrence Anthony, I wrote to his widow, Francoise. I think a friendship is beginning to form between Francoise and I. I would like that!



iris 4



The Goddess of Rainbows!
On reading over all my blogs I was amazed at how my writing has improved. One looks at my first few blogs and then one reads this one. My writing skill is improving!




And finally how could I not include this!


The Wonder!
The second most life changing event of my 53 years!