Finger photoI would like to share this video that I have made recently. I have been spastic for over 23 years as a result of my accident. My right hand has been pretty useless throughout this period. Karin, my Occupational Therapist, who has actually been working on my broken left finger (as a result of the ‘dog incident’),has made me an amazing device for my spastic right hand which could well revolutionize my life!

Other people who have similar spasticity to myself or who may have been left with movement problems due to a stroke might also benefit from something similar. Once you have watched this amazing video, please share the blog post to anyone you feel may also be interested.

Pleeeeeeeeeease concentrate on my hands NOT ME!!! This video was made on the spur of the moment, just before I left England. It is just before sunset and I am in my PJ’s, makeup removed and ready for bed!!!!!

 Click here to view the video.