20130409-062128.jpgI love going out to lunch! It doesn’t matter if it’s to a local cafe, restaurant or a friends house. I just love going out to lunch!
The excitement of choosing what to eat, or the surprise at what has been prepared. The conversation, the laughter, the general ambience. The only worry is that you get to a point where you have to invite people back to your house and….reciprocate!
This is where my problems begin! My apartment is small, I mean really, really small. Call it minute! And I share it with a very excitable noisy, grey cockateil, Spencer, who likes to hear his voice above everyone else’s. Okay…fine… banish Spencer to the bedroom, just ignore his indignant squawks and close the curtains so he thinks it’s night!
Also, only having one hand that behaves itself, (my right spastic hand has a mind of its own!) preparing and cooking lunch is a real schlep!
Ha, the answer to the “schlep” problem is easy. Head to Woolworths at speed!
So today I had two lovely girl friends for lunch. What a wonderful cosy affair. We sat around my lovely old dining room table chatting, laughing and most importantly – eating! Superbly heated up Woolies Butternut soup with crusty bread served on my beautiful new blue and white Wonki Ware plates. (www.wonkiware.co.za) They were bought for me by a friend when she left to go home to England.
The hardest decision of the day being which plates to use? They are all so wonderfully different – blue with large white spot or white with big blue border, or blue with zig zag white line, or plain blue. I lead a really tough life, don’t I, making such mind tumulting decisions!!!
Needless to say, we had a divine lunch.