Every afternoon, my hearing appliances come off, I lie down on my bed and I have an hour and a half to two hour sleep. Sometimes I don’t actually sleep. I lie there with my eyes shut and just kind of…drift. I shut down for that time. Since my accident (and resulting TBI), this is something that is totally necessary for me to do. If I don’t do it, I am not as ‘alive’ as I want to be in the evenings! Also, my one eye goes to half it’s normal size and my face takes on a kind of squonk look!

When I was living in Durban, I was indulging in my “afternoon pursuit”, sleeping, when tragedy struck. CREEEK went my bed. CREEAKK…KERBLASTOWHAM!

Yours truly was lying on the floor amidst splinters and pieces of wood. My bed had collapsed! It doesn’t have springs. Its base is made up of strips of wood that traverse from one end of the bed to the other. Robust, durable and sturdy pieces of wood. But not robust, durable and sturdy enough! Shoot, I am not THAT heavy, I wasn’t even doing anything on the bed! It would be a different matter if I was making love on the bed or seeing how high I could jump! KERBLASTOWHAM! One can understand that. But to be gently floating through the world of dreams and then KERBLASTOWHAM! is no laughing matter!

In actual fact that is exactly what I did. I looked at all the debris surrounding me and the laughter erupted from my deepest parts. Pandora, my cockatiel, who had witnessed this whole spectacle, moved from panic stricken horror to sheer disgust and disdain at my hilarity. I had tears pouring down my cheeks. When I had sobered up and made myself some coffee, I stood looking at the debacle in my room and thought: Where do I get a Bed-Fixer?

Have you ever seen a ‘Bed-Fixer Shop? The Yellow Pages doesn’t have any ‘Bed-Fixers’ in it. Well suffice to say, I eventually tracked down a Handyman!

My bed now has VERY robust, VERY durable and VERY sturdy pieces of wood making up the base. I have been assured that these ones are unbreakable. All KERBLASTOWHAM’s are banished.

Sigh. My bed collapsing in a heap! Am I accident prone, or AM I ACCIDENT PRONE???? Laugh! Maybe I’m just….accident prone!