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My State of Mind!

    The huge concrete edifice loomed dark and forbidding. I looked up at the sign that I had been dreading seeing for so long: The State Theatre. I took a gulp and I moved forward, into the building. The doors closed behind me. I hadn’t been to The State Theatre since my accident twenty-five

Getting into a State!!!

After my accident, whilst in a coma, Absa, set up an account for me. They generously deposited money into this and let it be known that it was available for public donations towards my medical expenses. Twenty-five years later, I am still banking with Absa! Recently I wrote to the Chief Financial Officer and I

Think Outside the Box!

So many of us live in little boxes from which we quite happily survey the world. Until a window in our box shines a strong light onto a corner we have quite overlooked. Suddenly the box and everything it holds is changed. We look at the world in quite a different way. Recently I was

Snatching Joy From The Jaws of Despair!

‘I believe the God who’s holding me up is bigger than my circumstances. And I’m going to enjoy the process of seeing how He works in what should be, otherwise, miserable, hard circumstances – may we find the joy that God has for us…..’ Philippians 1:12-26 My Mother has spent the past month in and

Keep going!

Gym is a different place to different people.  A place of torture; a place of fun; a place of embarrassment; a place to ‘strut your stuff’! I have found that it is a great place to keep this squonk body of mine moving. With brain damage it is more difficult to do things. I am

Stitches of Love!

    Red and yellow and pink and green Orange and purple and blue I can sing a rainbow Sing a rainbow Sing a rainbow too……       Recently I read the most incredible book Green Vanilla Tea. It is written by Marie Williams. Her husband was diagnosed with a rare neurological illness at age

Agility vs Ability!

I am on holiday! I love being on holiday. GOING on holiday however, is the most unbelievable schlepp! Firstly, the packing! You can’t imagine how difficult it is packing with only one hand? I am naturally a right handed person. But due to my spasticity resulting from my accident my right hand is now useless. My

One day at a time!

“The best thing about the future is that is comes one day at a time” Abraham Lincoln ****         One of my Facebook ‘friends’ recently wrote a comment on Facebook that really tugged at my heart. She had clearly lost two people close to her. I sent her a private message saying

And Breathe……….!

 I am sitting on an enormous  purple plastic ball. My feet are dangling.  I am holding two very long blue elastic bands out in front of me. I am trying to inhale and exhale when told and am constantly drawing breath in when I should be breathing it out. To top it all, I am

A Spastic Miracle!

I would like to share this video that I have made recently. I have been spastic for over 23 years as a result of my accident. My right hand has been pretty useless throughout this period. Karin, my Occupational Therapist, who has actually been working on my broken left finger (as a result of the

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