Fabulous Fancourt!
Fabulous Fancourt!

I gave a talk at Fancourt.

I was sitting on the verandah talking to Mum and Dad afterwards, when one of the delegates from the conference came and crouched down by my chair. She had obviously been crying.

“Gaynor,  many years ago my husband was a paramedic working in Pretoria. I was with him in the ambulance when he was called out to The State Theatre to bring you in to hospital. Then because I am an ICU trained sister I assisted in your 6 hour operation. When you were eventually wheeled out I did not think that you would survive.

I heard that you were speaking today and I was terribly nervous. I didn’t know what to expect. Onto the stage walks this slim, beautiful, brunette who then proceeded to hold me captive for the entire seventy minutes that you spoke. I laughed; I cried. And the entire time I had these small chills that kept on racing up and down my spine. I kept on thinking: I am seeing a Miracle!”

You can imagine all of our reactions. I put my arms around her and said: “Thankyou! You are one of the reasons I am alive today!”

“No,” she said pointing upwards, “He is!”