Mum, Libby & Dee (left to right)
Mum, Libby & Dee (left to right)

Remember the diary I mentioned in my last blog? Reading through it bought so many memories back to life…….

“DM and Ron to dinner. (DM, aka Dee, is Dad’s cousin and was my aunt, Libby’s varsity friend.) Ron urged me to play my guitar thus sparking off one of the most fun-filled evenings I can remember, no credit to my guitar playing! The responsibility lay on the shoulders of the “Three Gals” who had a complete ball. Mum, Libby and DM performed every one of their songs from “the old days” – I’ll build a stairway to Paradise, Easter Bonnet, White Cliffs of Dover, Frankie  and Johnny,….to name but a few.

There is certainly nothing funnier than seeing three old friends trying to remember their routines to the songs and not quite making it! That evening provided me with memories that I will cherish for years to come: the glow about Mum – her back to the audience, Mamma Mia like arm in the air routine which she remembered clearly but which DM and Libs obviously didn’t! Dad’s face wreathed in silent laughter. Libs missing her chair and collapsing on the floor with:” I promise you I’m not drunk!” Ron’s drum solo on the glasses.

All of them celebrating their lost youth.

I love music and now because of my accident my guitar playing days are over, but, you should hear me sing (perhaps not)! I salute you “Three Gals”  and join you in celebrating our lost youth.