photoLet me tell you about B.

I was chatting to some friends at a dinner party when suddenly I was tapped on the back. I turned to this petite, pixie haired woman. In fact, she was a tiny elf with dancing, crinkly eyes that met my stare quite openly. Then she spoke. Hell, I would kill to have a voice like hers –  deep and husky with a strong British accent. Incredibly sexy sounding!

“Hi,” she said, “I believe you’re deaf.” Taken aback, I merely nodded. ” Well,” she said “so am I,” and pointed to hearing aids in both ears.

“You’re deaf?” I said stupidly.

“I have 20% hearing in both ears so, yes, I’m deaf!” she laughed. I liked her instantly. I left the dinner party that night having made another friend in George.

B and her husband, John, went back to their home in England for Christmas and we  SMS’ed each other daily. In one SMS she asked me how old my computer was.

“About 10 years old,” I replied.

“Okay, listen,” said B, “I have about 3 lap-tops lying around. When I return I’ll bring

one over for you.”

I was totally gob-smacked as you can imagine! True to her word, B and John landed back in George and that evening she bought around my laptop. It was, in our modern day slang words “totally awesome!”

Even better than my wonderful lap-top, is my friend with the dancing eyes – B! She is a mass of contradictions. A gregarious person, yet one that likes being by herself. I think being deaf all her life she is quite comfortable being alone. She is this mad keen golfer and I believe is damn good. Her handicap is 8! I feel as if I have known her a long, loooong time. It is very rare to encounter friends like this. This is the first time that I ever have! In fact B is more than a best friend. She is a Soulmate. “Soulmate” Pah! I used to scoff at the word. As far as I was concerned, Soulmate was a very over the top way of saying best friend. Soulmate – Yuck!  Uh uh, definitely not for me. I preferred to be more down to earth using the word: best friend.

Until I met B. There is no other word that adequately sums up what B is to me. And so, at that dinner party, a Soulmate stepped into my life.

Two friends curled up on the sofa, mugs of Spearmint and Camomile tea in hand, talking, laughing and just being. Sitting at my favourite restaurant, Travelbugs,  tucking into their delectable Chefs salad with chicken sprinkled on top. Meeting B at gym which is not the most ideal situation – for me! She makes me work so damned hard. I have even been known to sweat!!! Also, at gym, we have discovered the joys of the steam bath. There I sweat without a problem and I love doing it. Very red faced when I come out but I feel fresh and ready to face the world!

I could weep that B spends six months of the year in England,  BUT today I am flying to England to spend three weeks with my friend – a present from B!

I thank God for bringing this Soulmate into my life. I thank Him for inventing B!