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From Birdies to Birds!

I loved my one armed golf but unfortunately my left arm didn’t!   I have lost all the cartilage in my left shoulder of the only arm that works. I was told by the specialist to give up golf immediately. I was totally devastated. I skyped my friend, B, in England. I was so utterly

The Drongo Whisperer!

When Mum’s cat died we were dreadfully sad. He was eighteen years old and was much loved. Then the most amazing thing began to happen. The birds came back to her garden in their droves! Weavers, Finches, Sparrows,  Sunbirds, Rock Pigeons and ordinary Pigeons. Even a baby albino Pigeon! For Christmas, B and I gave

The Birds!

I was standing outside the front gate waiting for my lift to arrive. It was a beautiful, crisp winters day. The sky was that “South African” blue. I can’t think of a  better word to describe it – South African blue. Come to South Africa merely to see the skies. They are like no other!

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