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Writer Published on Nov 28, 2014
Karoo Wilderness

In the Little Karoo, while sitting in the Lazy Lizard Coffee Shop, on the back of the menu, I found this poem. It rather delighted me. I want to share it with you….. Karoo Wilderness A ribbon of treacle running north to south Flight of the eagle, squeak of the mouse, A hiccup of hills

Writer Published on Nov 21, 2014
A Fracking Disaster!

“He remembers what the spiritual visionary, Wallace Black Elk, a Lakota said – man’s scratching of the earth causes diseases like cancer. He meant the mining and drilling for coal, gas, oil, uranium. The scratching brings up the things deep in the earth that should have stayed down there.” ― J.J. Brown, Brindle 24 We

The Eyes of an Artist!

“To develop a complete mind: Study the science of art; Study the art of science; Learn how to see. Realise that everything is connected to everything else.”                                                   Leonard de Vinci

My thoughts…

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