BirdsI was standing outside the front gate waiting for my lift to arrive. It was a beautiful, crisp winters day. The sky was that “South African” blue. I can’t think of a  better word to describe it – South African blue. Come to South Africa merely to see the skies. They are like no other! The morning seemed to sparkle and blink. I hummed to myself. And then stopped. My voice was clashing with the ruckus of bird song. Damn, those birds were loud. A fine chirping, twittering and chattering was coming from the tree in front of me. Honestly, those birds…..I caught myself. And I laughed out loud. Here I was getting indignant about the “noise” of birds.
Before I had my Cochlear Implants the only birds I was able to hear was the primitive screech of the Hadidas. (Glory, is that how you spell it?) Now it is a different case completely.  I can hear sparrows, pigeons, finches, sunbirds, and swallows. These are some of the birds that fly in and out of my garden. Now, not only am I able to appreciate the sight of these creatures, I am also able to hear them.
Forget humming. I opened my mouth and I sang. Me and the birds in George sprinkled the air with melody!