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The Giver!

Bam! Bam! Kapow! Crash! Bam!Bam! Bam! Kapow! Crash! Bam!!!That was how Nathan’s musical career began.With drums!!!!! He would drum at the kitchen table when he should have been hurrying for school. He would drum on the counter while his mum got the food out for lunch. And he would drum out a tune when he

Sky Dreaming!

‘In the absence of sleep, my restless nights have been fuelled by my overactive imagination, weaving waking dreams onto the canvas of conception. Filling my head with lots of ideas waiting to be born into reality. I am eager to return to my beautiful mistress, Creation!’ Jaeda DeWalt I love the sky. Every night at

The Rubbish Artist!

I am fortunate in that my apartment is on the ground floor. Beyond my fence is the most gorgeous, stretching oak tree and a lovely grassy verge. It makes me so angry when people leave litter strewn on that green expanse. Why do people do that? It must be laziness. It is too much of

“Less is More!”

I stared up at the massive painting in the kitchen. It was of a hyena. But this hyena was different. It seemed to have an odd kind of vulnerability to it. The Hyena is a very misunderstood creature, the artist, Peter Pharoah, believes. He always tries to paint the character of the animal or the

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