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Another Dimension!

Dimension Data sounds like some high falutin’ dating agency, doesn’t it? In actual fact, it is a global company specialising in information technology. Admit, my dating agency sounds far more intriguing, doesn’t it? They have just sponsored a Sunshine Ladies Golf Tour event in George. Never having had the slightest interest in watching golf, you

Try, try and try again!

I have never played golf. I used to hit balls at a driving range. I would get incredible pleasure hitting a golf ball hard and watching with satisfaction as it sailed away into the distance. After my accident, my friend was playing golf and I strolled with her enjoying the beauty of George Golf Course.

The Ups & Downs of Golf!

“Golf is said to be a very challenging game. The player has to hit a very small ball, into a very small hole with equipment ill designed for the purpose.” Jan Grundlingh I swung the club and connected. The golf ball sailed high into the air, reached it’s peak, and began to drop. I looked

My thoughts…

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