Lady Jane Grey, aka Spencer!

Norene Blom lives in the flat opposite me. She is a lovely girl with a sparkle in her eye and a ready smile. I like her! Whenever I go away, she very kindly “bird-sits” for me. Spencer, my cockatiel, can be an extraordinary pain. Whenever a “new” person is in his vicinity he shouts loudly, loving the attention he duly gets. He can be a very loud companion at times!

I must just tell you a bit about Spencer. He was given to me by Nola Muller when my previous cockatiel, Pandora, died. Nola told me that Spencer was a girl and so she was duly christened: Lady Jane Grey. Lady Jane and I got on really well. In the mornings while lying in bed with my coffee I would whistle Bridge over the River Kwai to her and pretty soon she was whistling it back to me. I was delighted. When I flew to visit Mum and Dad in George, Lady Jane obviously came too. Lady Jane gave them a full rendition of Bridge over the River Kwai and they were duly impressed, as I knew they would be. Mum said to me: “That is marvellous. But, Gaynor, you do realise that female birds can’t sing.”

“What do you mean?”

“Female birds can’t sing. This is a male bird.”

And that was when Lady Jane Grey became Spencer!

Now, I have diverted somewhat. Back to my flat mate, Norene! I noticed that she had a beautiful cover on her bed made up of cream and brown knitted squares. I remarked on it and she told me that her mother had knitted it for her. When I then met her Mum I commented on it. Her mother, Carleen, said to me: “You like it? Okay, I will knit you one. What colours would you like?”

“What colours? Glory!” I said, “Um…well, lots of different colours. Red, blue, green, purple. A mish-mash of colours.”

“Okay, I’ll see what I can come up with.”

“Wow, thanks!” I said not really expecting her to follow through. I then went overseas for three weeks. I had a wonderful time but it was so good coming back and walking into my own apartment once more. Before going away I had spent eight weeks at my Mother’s home due to my broken hands. I wasn’t able to wet my hands so Mum had to bath me. This was the first time in eleven weeks that I was back “home” again. I put my case down in my lounge and surveyed my surroundings. Oh, it looked good. I took my coat off and walked into my bedroom. I stopped in amazement. The most lovely, bright and colourful bedspread met my eyes. Carleen had followed through and created the most beautiful cover for this woman she barely knew.perdita9

I was totally gobsmacked! What a gift. She had sat knitting those squares by hand for a girl she had met just once, and created this wonder!

A unique gift coming from an enormous hearted person.

I treasure that blanket.