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Writer Published on Jun 21, 2018
Calling all rabbits!

I have never liked cake. At my birthday parties, Mums knew to make me an ice cream cake. I simply couldn’t stomach the  chocolate or vanilla sponge varieties that my siblings were treated to on their birthdays. I found all cake sickly sweet and..and…crumbly! When I moved to George, I discovered this marvellous coffee shop,

My Soup for the Soul!

“No one has ever become poor by giving.” Anne Frank Giving! I love receiving but it is through giving that I gain so much joy. The day before Christmas, a friend of mine took a large packet of sweets and handed them out to the children in an area of high deprivation. It gave her

No Labels!

Dis Tyd, the sign said. It’s Time. I smiled to myself as we entered the room. A fire crackled, merrily accompanying the sound of people chatting. It was a miserable day outside. I was so glad we had followed Eduard’s advice and investigated his wife’s new coffee shop. Every week, my best friend, ‘B’ and

A Passion for Coffee!

I breathed in the aroma of deep, rich, dark coffee and gave a contented sigh. Both hands were folded around my hot coffee cup. I admired the intricate design adorning my freshly brewed cappuccino and gave a sigh of pleasure. How I loved my morning coffee at Beans About Coffee. Jarryd, one of the barista

Finding a Pearl!

Isn’t it wonderful to be spoilt? The Oyster Box is a beautiful five star colonial style hotel in Umhlanga Rocks, Durban. My uncle and aunt spent their wedding night at The Oyster Box. A generation later their daughter and new husband did exactly the same thing. And, returning from Thula Thula, I spent the night


I love having friends round to lunch. I take great delight in setting my table. I have unusual placemats. Each one is made of a different kind of material. They are catch-your-breath unique and beautiful. I have marvellous plates from Wonki Ware in shades of blue and white. Recently I bought stunning Carrol Boyes glasses

‘To market, to market……’

Most of us remember that nursery rhyme: To market, to market, To buy a fat pig, Home again, Home again, Jiggety Jig! I go “to market” every Saturday and while never buying a fat pig I certainly come home each week with a Jiggety Jig in my step! Deon and Kobie Mocke are the architects

Spar’s Child!

  Because of my accident, I have only 40% eyesight and no depth of field awareness so I am unable to drive. I walk everywhere. To my unutterable delight, my apartment is directly behind a Spar supermarket. It is a really great shop. It’s always clean and the shop assistants are friendly with ready smiles.


       I have never been one for big New Years Eve parties. Crowds of people, loud music, then standing there with a group of people who you don’t really know all that well, doing the count down – ” Five, four, three, two, one….HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!”        Being kissed by hot,


 Before my Cochlear Implants, going to restaurants with a group of friends, was a total nightmare. I battled to understand what was being said. I found that cupping a person under the chin made it easier for me to pick up what they were saying. I was able to feel the vibration of their voices

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