We come to the end of another year and the approach of a new one.

Why is it that as I get older, time seems to move faster and faster? When I was young, a week seemed to take positively eons. Now the months seem to whisk by. It was just yesterday that we welcomed in the new millennium! Suddenly it is Christmas eighteen years later and before you know it, I will be getting out of bed on 1st January 2019! 

I have learned to treasure each sense I possess. In 2019, I hope that I will walk with my eyes wide open, seeing vast skies and small, fluffy dandelions. I shall continue to be delighted by the sounds I used to take for granted: birds, children’s voices, wind, dog’s barking, people laughing. In 2019, I am going to listen more to people, hearing the things that lie close to their hearts. I shall relish my ability to taste the ambrosial Lindt white milk chocolate that I love so much! What a joy to be able to smell the early morning frost, beautiful perfumes and the fragrance of Perdita, my dog. My sense of touch was an ability that was never hindered in any way after my fall. Instead it grew more sensitive. I will savour this sense and be grateful.

So with my senses alert and well tuned, I hope to enter 2019.

May your Christmas and Hanukkah be filled with happiness. I know that my world will be awash with the blessed joy my Christ Child will bring……… 

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