carI loved  driving! I had the most gorgeous red Volkswagon beetle! When I had my accident, my beloved Beetle got ‘lost’  for four weeks. Being in a coma, I was unable to tell anyone where I had parked it on the night of my ‘Plunge to Fame’! So my Beetle sat sadly abandoned in some Pretoria car park. Eventually it was found, but of course much to my dismay, it had to be sold as I was no longer able to drive .

Recently  however I found myself considering driving again! A friend of mine introduced me to her Aunt during a birthday celebration. During our conversation I discovered that she had had a stroke and as a result had been left with only 20 percent eyesight.

“Glory, that’s even less than I’ve got,” I exclaimed, ” I have 40 percent in both eyes. Don’t you hate not being able to drive as a result?”

“Oh no, I drive,” she said smugly, “no one is separating me and my car! I had to re-go for my licence. I didn’t tell them about my loss of eyesight and I just kept my eyes moving very fast and I got it.” She laughed as she brushed her hands together with satisfaction, “Wham, bang, thank you, Ma’am!”

She was driving! With less eyesight than I possessed. Well then, maybe…..!

I told my friend, B, about this on our way to gym. “And so, B, I was thinking that maybe I could drive you around Heatherlands. I mean Plantation Avenue is a gorgeous long road. We could go down there. And you would see that I just have to “keep my eyes moving very fast” and I…..”

B nearly pranged the car she laughed so hard.

Mutter…mutter…seems I WON’T be driving in the near future!!!