“For a moment at least, be a smile on someone else’s face.”
― Dejan Stojanovic, The Sun Watches the Sun


Our gardener, George, stood back, looking at the tree he had just finished pruning. He shook his shoulders and raised his face up to the sky. He let the sun gloss down at him for a few moments. He must have heard me because suddenly he turned to me. He didn’t look surprised to see me. And then the most incredible thing happened.
He smiled.
A small miracle broke out in my garden. The wrinkles swam into their newly appointed place. The eyes were filled with age old wisdom which danced towards me. “Good morning, Gaynor-Ma’am!”
“Hi there, George!” I responded, my smile meeting his and clashing beautifully on the lawn outside.
“The” day…it is new!” this wonderful guru said, his eyes turned to the sky.
What a beautiful way for me to start my morning. I received a gift from that man that was invaluable. The smile that was wide, generous and open. The reminder that it was a new morning. It was a morning that was fresh, bracing and as yet “untrammeled.”
I could make of it what I wanted. I stopped and shut my eyes. I breathed in the magnificent mountains rising in the distance. I breathed in the love that surrounds me constantly. I breathed in the Breath of God’s Spirit.
All caused by George’s smile.
Yes, it was a “new” morning.
Yes, it was a new Me!