This is my first post. Yep, now I am officially a blogger!!!

So why, you may be thinking, has Gaynor suddenly decided to blog. Well, this is something  I have  been thinking about for a while. I love writing and I enjoy entertaining and inspiring people. My   imminent second cochlear implant operation has given me the impetus to start. I have a very exciting subject – me!

I hope to make you laugh with me, and at times probably cry with me.

I hope to make you see life from a different perspective.

I hope to make millions of Rands from all the advertisers who are going to want to sponsor my blog…..okay, I want you to dream with me!

Please subscribe to my blog and Facebook page and enjoy the next incredible part of this journey called Life with me.

I promise you, if what has happened to me so far is anything to go by, you are in for a thrilling adventure!


I kiss your eyes Gaynor!