karoo 7In the Little Karoo, while sitting in the Lazy Lizard Coffee Shop, on the back of the menu, I found this poem. It rather delighted me. I want to share it with you…..

Karoo 4Karoo 5Karoo Wilderness

A ribbon of treacle running north to south
Flight of the eagle, squeak of the mouse,
A hiccup of hills with long shadowed feet,
Calico sheep walking from a night’s sleep.
karoo12Solitary windmills standing lonely and still,
Needle-point perfect the telephone poles,
Peppercorn hills pocked with plat doring bossies,
Burnt grassveld, cacti and bright orange aloes.
Stark wilderness of a new day born –
Come and be witness to a Karoo dawn.

sheepAldyth Joubertkaroo 3