Julie AndrewsTo be sung in a Julie Andrews voice a la Sound of Music!

“Let’s start at the very beginning, a very good place to start

When you read you begin with A B C

When you hear you begin with

Tip Tap Tea

Sit Sat Sea…..”


Yeah, I know, I know – why the hell am I bringing up Doh A Deer with very strange words? Laugh! Let me explain…..

Now that I am beginning to hear with my left ear I am having to do exercises. Exercises that are “easy-peasy” to you hearing folk. But damn difficult for me. Mum is being a super-star and a very hard task master!

Firstly I  take off my “good ear” so that it is me and the “reincarnated” ear that tackle what lies ahead! Mum then reads the words: coot, kit, caught, cot, cart, cut, and I have to repeat them all after her, looking at the words as she says them. Then the difficult part starts. I am not allowed to look at the words OR at her! Just listen to the word she says and then repeat it to her. Yep, as I said, “easy-peasy” for you hearing folk but it’s a different case for me. It is bloody difficult!

Horde, had, heed, head, hid, hard.

Sound is vibrations that travel through the air and can be heard when they reach a person or animal’s ear. I can hear sound now but at the moment my brain is struggling to interpret it. So I might make a mistake between ‘head’ and ‘hid’!

Laugh –   It drives me stark raving mad!!!