oil soaked

A long time ago in ’67
A little boy was roaming on the beach,
When all of a sudden he heard a plaintive cry,
So near yet so far out of reach.
He looked behind a rock so tall and there before his eyes
Was an oil soaked seagull lying there,
Windswept with pain in its eyes.
And the seagull’s name was Nelson,
Nelson who came from the sea,
And the seagull’s name was Nelson,
Nelson the seagull’s free.
He fed that seagull limpets small
Until that bird could fly
And when he thought it was so, he let lil’ Nelson go
And he flew above his head in the sky.
And the seagull’s name was Nelson
Nelson who came from the sea
And the seagull’s name was Nelson
Nelson the seagull’s free
The time did come for the boy to go
Sadness was in their eyes.
But it’s not for you to criticise
For you cannot see a seagull cry.
And the seagull’s name was Nelson
Nelson who came from the sea
And the seagull’s name was Nelson
Nelson the seagull’s free

des and dawn 2

In the 70’s most South Africans knew this song by Des and Dawn Lindberg. I remember as a teenager being most disgruntled when Mum switched off the record player and told me to get on with my homework. “I can work and listen!” I protested.
“That may be so, but I think hearing it for the thirty-sixth time, I am rapidly going off seagulls,” My mother retorted.
“I didn’t play it thirty-six times,” I muttered slinking off to my room.
As an actress, I remember going to an audition that Dawn was holding. I didn’t get the part but I liked Dawn and Des tremendously. As the years moved on we became friends. I had my accident in December 1989. My acting days came to an end but my days of being before an audience were far from vanquished! 1994 I opened in my one woman show My Plunge to Fame where I performed as Gaynor Young telling her story.
You cannot even begin to to imagine my nerves on opening night. This was something totally new to me. I was used to facing the audience as a character whom one is able to hide behind. That was no longer possible. I was confronting the audience head on – as me! I said the final words of my performance and there was a black out. The lights came back on and I took my bow. I looked out in sheer amazement as the audience got to their feet applauding. My family stood there, tears streaming down their cheeks clapping. My eyes swept over all my friends there that night. I can see them all so clearly. Des and Dawn were standing on the left of the auditorium towards the back. The lights went off and came back on. Dawn put her hands in the air and continued clapping with the rest of them…..
Every time the Lindbergs pass through George they make a point of seeing me. The last time, I commented on the beautiful turquoise earrings Dawn was wearing. Quick as a flash they were in my hand. “They will look better on you. They’ll match your eyes!”
About two years ago I was walking along the beach. Not on the sand, I can’t manage that. I was strolling with my dog on the walkway, enjoying the sights around me. Suddenly I heard, yes, due to my Cochlear Implants, I HEARD a familiar tune……
“And the seagulls name was Nelson,
Nelson who came from the sea….”
The man in front of me was whistling as he walked. Was he whistling…? Glory be, I had heard that correctly,hadn’t I? I caught up and stopped him. “You’re whistling The Seagulls name was Nelson, aren’t you?” The man nodded. “I haven’t heard that song for such a long time. I love it! Thank you for reminding me.”
He laughed. “With these gulls swooping around I think it’s appropriate!” He ambled off whistling.
“…..And the Seagull’s name was Nelson
Nelson the seagull is free”
Des and dawn 1This weekend the Lindberg’s are celebrating their 50th Wedding Anniversary. They will be singing all the well known songs from way back when! How sorry I am not to be able to make it. Yet I will fly with them when their seagull takes to the skies………
And the seagull’s name was Nelson
Nelson who came from the sea
And the seagull’s name was Nelson
Nelson the seagull’s free…….



Listen to Des & Dawn singing ‘And the seagulls name was Nelson by pressing here!