Yesterday I published my 150th blog on ‘ear ‘ear!!! Isn’t that incredible – 150!
Admit it, I deserve a rest!
Seriously though, for the following two weeks I will not be publishing a blog. Over the next few days I am involved in “a secret special assignment” with a large blue chip organisation which will take up all of my time. Then as a way of a celebration, I am going to stay for a few days at Thula Thula Private Game Reserve as their guest. You will of course, learn about all my exploits in the very near future.
Whilst I am away my ‘ear ‘ear blog is having a great new professional makeover and so will be unavailable online for a few days. I look forward to launching it’s new look when I am back from my break.
This is Gaynor, aka Special Agent 0054, signing out for now!!!