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My Passionate Friend!

Passion! That is what struck me about Karen Tungay. It was distinctive and all-embracing. Her passion! “Hello!”I looked into those mischievous, dancing eyes and instantly made a friend. Karen and I met in a lift club when I was ten. I changed schools a few years later but I saw Karen often when I went

My Funny Girls!

Funny Girl. How I wanted to see this show. It was playing in Cape Town at the Fugard Theatre and three of my friends, Diane Wilson, Michelle Maxwell and Kate Normington were in it. I had worked with all three of them in various productions and had been following their comments closely on Facebook ever

And the seagull’s name was…….

A long time ago in ’67 A little boy was roaming on the beach, When all of a sudden he heard a plaintive cry, So near yet so far out of reach. He looked behind a rock so tall and there before his eyes Was an oil soaked seagull lying there, Windswept with pain in

My thoughts…

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