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The Best Laid Plans!

I had a brainwave! My friend, B, was going up to Johannesburg on the 14th because her flight departed from O.R. Tambo Airport on the 15th. Why not fly up to Jo’burg with her and then go to the Naledi Awards that evening? The Naledi Awards are the Johannesburg theatre awards held in Gold Reef

Rainbow, the Bridge & the Stick!

      The Swallows are leaving.        B and John are Swallows. In other words, they spend six months here in South Africa and six months in England. I have one more week with them before they leave for England once more. I am dreading their departure. B is my Soulmate. How

Writer Published on Jul 24, 2013
England, My England!

My time in England is drawing to a close. How the time has flown by! Looking back over my stay, these are some of the things that I really love about England. –       Like Eva Cassidy, I love the Fields of Gold in England! The bright red poppies sparkling amidst golden fields


Let me tell you about B. I was chatting to some friends at a dinner party when suddenly I was tapped on the back. I turned to this petite, pixie haired woman. In fact, she was a tiny elf with dancing, crinkly eyes that met my stare quite openly. Then she spoke. Hell, I would

My thoughts…

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