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People Come Into Our Lives For A Reason….

‘I don’t expect my love affairs to last for longNever fooled myself that my dreams would come true Being used to trouble I anticipate itBut all the same I hate itWouldn’t you?………’ In 1981 with these exquisitely sung words, Kim Kallie as Peron’s mistress in Evita entered my life. I was twenty, still at drama

‘To market, to market……’

Most of us remember that nursery rhyme: To market, to market, To buy a fat pig, Home again, Home again, Jiggety Jig! I go “to market” every Saturday and while never buying a fat pig I certainly come home each week with a Jiggety Jig in my step! Deon and Kobie Mocke are the architects

Sailing Away!

(This is for all the Brodericks with love!) I read a wonderful thing about death. The author bought up the image of a ship leaving for sea. You watch it from shore as it sails off. You wave at the people on board and they wave back. As it moves further away, you can no

My thoughts…

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