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Little things lead to big things!

We are already two weeks into 2017! I watched the year turn from 2016 to 2017. The seconds ticked towards midnight. 10, 9,8…seven more seconds of 2016 left. I had incredible things happen to me in 2016, there were also tears, frustrations, those frissons of complete and utter joy, sorrow and excitement. 2016 was…it was

Dispelling the Myth!

      His heart was beating fast. Doem! Doem! Doem! Why did it always feel as if it was beating through his ears, he wondered? Doem! Doem! Doem! At the rate his heart was going you’d think he was terribly nervous. He smiled. He wasn’t nervous. Oh no, he was filled with excited anticipation.

My thoughts…

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