team ear ear
 “Magic is believing in yourself, if you can do that, you can make anything happen” 
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
      It is 2014. Fourteen years past the millennium. Time seems to be moving faster and faster as I grow older. Glory, here I am talking about inconsequential things and wasting more time! Okay, I’ll stop doing that and instead speak about something really wonderful that I learned just as 2013 was drawing to a close and shutting its doors.
     My blog, ‘ear ‘ear, was the Runner Up in the Entertainment/Lifestyle category of the prestigious 2013 South African Blogging Awards! When B told me the news, I said to her: “Yeah, but how many people entered? Probably two!”
       “Gaynor, stop being klutz-like! I have told you that this is the most important annual blogging competition held in SA.”
       Apparently after the public voting, the short listed candidates were judged by a panel comprised of twenty auspicious people from all walks of life – the editors of the Cape Times, and Mail & Guardian through to Jenny Morris, Celebrity Chef and Chester Williams, former Springbok rugby player! A very wide range.
       So, can you believe it? Me – a Runner Up! I must admit, I am damn proud of myself.
      I am remembering the discussion I had with my best friend last March.
       “Oohhh, B, I don’t know about this blogging idea of yours. I mean, people are not going to be interested in what I write. Also, I don’t know if what I write is going to be good enough?And how am I going to find a different story to write about each week? Nah, I think I’ll leave it and go back to my time of watching TV, reading and writing to friends…”
       Well, B being B wasn’t going to stand for that! And so at the end of March, very tentatively, my blogging began.
       In life one never ever achieves anything “stoksielalleen ” Translation: On one’s own!
I’ve had encouragement and support from so many quarters.
      This blog of mine would never have come into being without the persistence and doggedness of B. Yes, I would have given up if it wasn’t for her sheer bl**dy mindedness. She insisted that I could and would be successful. B has always believed in me, so….how can I let her down? The effort she has put into marketing my blog has been phenomenal.
       Having agreed to blog, I needed a technical mind to bring it to fruition. It is amazing how in one’s life, certain people are placed there answering one’s needs at just the right time. I had known CJ (aka Chrisjan Botha) since I moved to George. He was my friend but also my computer guru! He agreed to be the behind the scenes technical backup for my blog. He, like B and myself is also deaf. What incredibly “loud” get togethers we had at my blog’s conception. Also, by miracle, he is married to a wonderful photographer, Elmine. The photograph accompanying this blog and also the one in my ‘ear ‘ear blog heading are hers!
       And, B was right! I have been getting up to 24,000 people a week viewing my blogs via my various social media links! That is an incredibly large “audience”! I wish to thank the people and companies that have advertised/supported my blog during 2013. Apart from the financial aspect for which I am incredibly grateful, your support means a lot to me because it shows that you had faith in me
      So thank you:
                  Afrihost who so generously sponsor all my Internet needs!
                  Wonki Ware
                  Exclusive Books
                  Jacana Media
                  Rosenhof Country House
                  Strydom Gallery
                  Stephan Welz & Co
      A special mention must go to Nico van der Merwe CEO of Ear Institute. Ear Institute was the first organisation to utilise my advertising space. They agreed to do this, having no knowledge of what my blog would be like. I could have failed and by so doing I would have tarnished their wonderful name. I thank God for such generosity of spirit that was illustrated by Nico and Ear Institute!
       I have left my biggest thank you for last. This blog would have died a miserable death if it wasn’t for YOU! It is your comments and your reading of it that keeps this blog and blogger fit and flourishing! Thank you for that and please, don’t stop!
       I didn’t expect to get so much pleasure from this blog. And surprisingly, I have! My words don’t tumble freely out. They are rather excavated from the recesses of this perplexing brain of mine. And the excavation takes a long time. Little by little the words reveal themselves. So what eventually lies before me on the page is…well, yes, is precious to me.
       So far, I am proud of what I have written.