Elmine“Ohhhh, CJ, help me! Please, please help me!” I mutter as I charge to my phone. This is a scenario that Perdita, my dog, and Spencer,my cockatiel, my “children”  are well accustomed to in my apartment. CJ is my Computer-Whizz and friend and is called upon to help this computer illiterate person – often!
CJ is a tall, lanky individual with a mop of dark hair and crinkles round his eyes that come into play whenever he smiles. I laugh when I see CJ with his wife, Elmine. She matches his tallness with her smallness! Add to this her pixie hair cut, the mischievous glint in her eyes and the elfin image is complete.
By coincidence, CJ is also deaf so when B, CJ and I are together  my apartment echoes to the sound of all of us happily shouting at one another and understanding about half of what is said!
Anyway, when I started blogging at the end of March, CJ got in touch with me and said that Elmine, a professional photographer and her friend, Wilna, a makeup artist, would like to contribute something towards my blog. They offered a mornings photo-shoot with full makeup – for free! Am I spoilt or am I spoilt?
Because of the ‘dog incident’ and my subsequent second CI, I wasn’t able to take up this generous offer until last Friday! What a fantastic fun morning I had, being truly pampered by Wilna (Wilna Allpass – Professional Make-up Artist), and I had a chance to sample Elmine at her best – at work in her photographic studio (Elmine Botha Freelance Photographer/Videographer). As soon as the photos are ready, they will appear on my blog I promise!
As a taster of what is to come, Elmine took this video of me saying Yeats poem: He Wishes for the Cloths of Heaven. I just wish to point out that I am not showing it because I say it so beautifully!  I am showing off Wilna’s wonderful makeup! I often use this poem to finish off my inspirational talks.