gaynorhandsYou know sometimes things happen that make you realise how important people are in your life!

On Tuesday evening, Perdita (my wire haired Dachshund) and I were making our regular walk from my apartment to my Mum’s. It was a beautiful evening and I was humming as I strolled. Perdita strutted along beside me, gleefully barking and generally winding up the other dogs in the neighbourhood. It was a case of: “Ha!You’re locked up! Look at me!”
Perdita got her comeuppance! ‘Bark, bark’ as we approached my Mum’s neighbour. They have two enormous dogs who Perdita gets great joy in taunting. Well, not only did they bark back, but also charged out of their open garden gate towards us! Perdita was utterly horrified. I bent down attempting to rescue Perdita but in doing so lost my balance as the two dogs bowled into me at full pelt!

The good news is – Perdita is fine! The bad news – I have broken two bones in my spastic right hand. It is now in a plaster cast for 6 weeks. I have also dislocated and broken the middle finger on my good left hand. This is currently strapped to my ‘wedding’ finger. Today we saw the orthopaedic surgeon who is operating on it this evening and putting in steel pins.
Glory be, I come out of hospital tomorrow only to go back in on Monday!
Please pray that all goes well in tonight’s operation.
For the time being, I have moved in with my Mum who, thank the Pope,is a trained nurse. Throughout my turbulent life, my Mum has been the most important person to me. She has raised me twice, and continues to rescue me when disasters strike.
She is also my best friend.

Carrie pic

Love you Mum!
Ps. I guess blogging now is going to be a slower affair as my typing skills are truly tested!