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Terry & the Terrible Havoc!!

Peter Terry is a friend from my acting days.  What blows my mind is that Sue Kirby, a close friend in George where I now live, knows Peter. Dave, her husband, met Peter in his primary school days, they went to St Andrew’s, were discharged from the army together and then Pete went to Rhodes

My Funny Girls!

Funny Girl. How I wanted to see this show. It was playing in Cape Town at the Fugard Theatre and three of my friends, Diane Wilson, Michelle Maxwell and Kate Normington were in it. I had worked with all three of them in various productions and had been following their comments closely on Facebook ever


Recently I received the following letter: Dear Gaynor I am a friend of the director, Janice Honeyman and Denise Goldin. I am a professional actress, born in Cape Town but now living in California. The way I came to know of you is this: I was in Cape Town staying with Janice. I am working

Childs Play!

“Where are you kids off to?” “We’re going over to the O’Reagan’s” I shouted as I headed for my bike. “We’re gonna jol arlies!” my brother shouted as his bike swung into the road. (Translation: We’re gonna play marbles!) “Listen for my whistle!” That was how we knew when it was time to head for

“All the World’s a Stage……..”

Joy of all joys, every Christmas we went to the Christmas pantomime! John Moss put on a yearly panto and the delight, laughter, shouts of enthusiastic children that the Playhouse witnessed, makes my heart sing in memory. I remember quite clearly watching Liz Edmiston playing Peter Pan. I decided then and there that when I

First Kiss!

Before my accident Elzabe Zietsman and I put on a cabaret in which we sang and performed short sketches. In one, I told the audience a true story about me and Tobin Shostakovich. Great name, huh? Tobin Shostakovich! But he was known as Toby or Tobe. If I had had my way, he would definitely

“I am no strumpet………..”

Janet Suzman, (now Dame Janet Suzman!) the international actress and director directed us in Othello. I played Bianca, the whore. At the time I was still a virgin. A virgin playing a whore! Tell me if that’s not good acting, huh? Othello was an incredible experience with John Kani playing Othello and Richard Haines, Iago.

My thoughts…

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