caribean 3There are so many differing worlds within our world.
There is the world on ground. The world from above. The world beneath the water.
I will tell you how I explored the world in so many different ways while I was on holiday in the Caribbean.
I had met Guy when he came to South Africa from the Caribbean for his Cochlear Implants operation. After our meeting, he went back to the Caribbean where he lived on a yacht. I must admit that definitely had a romantic allure! Over the years we maintained contact. With the opening of my show My Plunge to Fame I was once more earning money. So much so, that I managed to save quite a bit. Enough for a ticket to the Caribbean!
It was great seeing Guy once more. He is a person who is relaxed within himself with eyes that reach out and smile. He showed me around the boat where we would be staying. Glory, I thought to myself, I don’t even know if I get sea sick or not. Please God, I offered up a quick prayer! Sitting drinking a G and T on deck that night under a magnificent sky that leaked millions of stars, I thought to myself: You are totally out of your comfort zone! Sitting on a boat with a deaf man who you don’t know all that well in the middle of the Caribbean.
It felt wonderful!
The first thing I asked Guy to do was trim his beard and moustache! “Whereas you have Cochlear Implants to help you with your hearing, I don’t. I only have one hearing aid and I need to lip read. At the moment, I can’t see your mouth clearly!”
“I’m sorry, I didn’t think,” said Guy apologetically. He reappeared a few moments later with a beautiful mouth grinning at me. I leaned across and kissed him.
“Much better,” I laughed.
The next morning, Guy introduced me to a group of friends and we all climbed on board this yacht. We were going snorkelling.
Fish 6I had never snorkelled before. On went the flippers, mask and snorkel, and I was off. Nothing had prepared me for that mind blowing experience. I was in a world that belonged to the deaf. Underwater no one can hear! Fish of every shape and size darted in between the forest of coral before me. A fairly large fish with a zebra coat of purple and blue ‘ambled’ over to inspect this goggled figure. I stayed where I was and then phwt he was suddenly away, off to explore other areas of his intriguing and awe inspiring world. I saw a baby octopus, starfish, beautiful shells, platoons of coloured fish darted around me, mindless of their vividness and intensity of beauty. I had seen all this countless times on television but nothing prepares you for the actual experience.
I think Heaven must be made up of all the beautiful things that you have experienced in life. I like to think that I will experience again in Heaven, the wonder and joy I felt in that Caribbean Sea.
Guy also took me para-sailing. I had heard about para-sailing but had no clue what was actually involved. Pedro was the owner of the para-sailing apparatus. He explained to me what was going to happen whilst hooking me up to the chute.
“Sit here and I will winch you out. If at any time you want to come in shout or wave at me and I will reel you in, okay? You will be quite safe. You mustn’t worry or be scared.”
Gaye9Strangely enough, I wasn’t. I had taken out my hearing aid and left it in Guy’s pocket. I could feel the wind blowing against my face as Pedro let me out. Out and out, up, up and up I went. Way, way down there I could see the boat. But my focus wasn’t down but up and out. I was so incredibly high. A seagull flew past me squawking in indignation. I shouldn’t be up here. This was his territory! I could see the wonderful mass of islands, other boats and the turquoise blue of the sea. I sat up there in the heavens and I chatted to the Angels!
At no stage did I say I wanted to go in. After leaving me, chatting to my Angels for an hour and a half, I was finally reeled in regardless!
Gaye5Before I left the Caribbean, Guy organised for me to do my show at the hotel. Unlike the scuba diving and the para-sailing, this was a world that I knew and was familiar with. I watched my audience’s reaction closely and played to them with a brightness and joy. This was a world where I was able to lead people and give them new and life changing things to consider.
My holiday in the Caribbean was life affirming. It showed me the radiant beauty of this incredible world we live in. It affirmed for me that it was right to place my trust in a man I did not know well. Guy became a wonderful friend.
We live in a world made up of so many differing “world’s.” I discovered new worlds under water, amid the clouds, on a yacht in the Caribbean. I discovered “world’s” in a man’s soft laugh, in the camaraderie of friends and in a man’s soft kiss goodbye.
I also discovered that I do not get sea sick!

The lead photo and the aquatic photo we taken by Benjamin Jones. You can see more at