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Sporting Moments
Try, try and try again!

I have never played golf. I used to hit balls at a driving range. I would get incredible pleasure hitting a golf ball hard and watching with satisfaction as it sailed away into the distance. After my accident, my friend was playing golf and I strolled with her enjoying the beauty of George Golf Course.

An Explosion of Cherry Blossom!

In South Africa, rugby is almost a religion! Dad played Natal rugby in 1956 and 1957. He was a Shark before they were known as Sharks! For the many South African fans of the game, rugby is a serious matter, a source of bursting pride and joy – or shattering disappointment. Our family has always

The Ups & Downs of Golf!

“Golf is said to be a very challenging game. The player has to hit a very small ball, into a very small hole with equipment ill designed for the purpose.” Jan Grundlingh I swung the club and connected. The golf ball sailed high into the air, reached it’s peak, and began to drop. I looked

It’s Between Your Legs!

You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy a bicycle and that’s pretty close.” Anon “Cycling is addictive. Totally addictive!” B laughed. “I love the added sense of freedom, the scents and the views. You see baboon, duiker, lots of small animals, flowers and trees. When you are up that mountain, you feel so…well, you

Worlds within Worlds!

There are so many differing worlds within our world. There is the world on ground. The world from above. The world beneath the water. I will tell you how I explored the world in so many different ways while I was on holiday in the Caribbean. I had met Guy when he came to South

Shock Boxes!

If it wasn’t for Bart Fouche I wouldn’t be alive! As the understudy in Camelot, I was called upon to take over the role of Guinevere without a dress or a technical rehearsal. Whilst on stage disaster struck and I fell eighteen metres down an unguarded lift shaft into the bowels of the State Theatre, Pretoria.

Keep going!

Gym is a different place to different people.  A place of torture; a place of fun; a place of embarrassment; a place to ‘strut your stuff’! I have found that it is a great place to keep this squonk body of mine moving. With brain damage it is more difficult to do things. I am

Dispelling the Myth!

      His heart was beating fast. Doem! Doem! Doem! Why did it always feel as if it was beating through his ears, he wondered? Doem! Doem! Doem! At the rate his heart was going you’d think he was terribly nervous. He smiled. He wasn’t nervous. Oh no, he was filled with excited anticipation.

And Breathe……….!

 I am sitting on an enormous  purple plastic ball. My feet are dangling.  I am holding two very long blue elastic bands out in front of me. I am trying to inhale and exhale when told and am constantly drawing breath in when I should be breathing it out. To top it all, I am

Bed – Fixer Needed!!!

Every afternoon, my hearing appliances come off, I lie down on my bed and I have an hour and a half to two hour sleep. Sometimes I don’t actually sleep. I lie there with my eyes shut and just kind of…drift. I shut down for that time. Since my accident (and resulting TBI), this is

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